When you look at them through a “non-sports” lens, the Spurs do what we all strive to do.
For the eighth time, by the San Antonio Business Journal.
PS&Co. welcomes newest partner to Houston office.
Final rules impose significant new reporting, records management, administrative, and affirmative action obligations on government contractors.
Watch the video highlights of the 2014 Blues Bash and make plans to join us in 2015!
FASB Issues Accounting Standards Update for Revenue Recognition
For the second year in a row, PS&Co. received this honor from the Mayor's Fitness Council and the San Antonio Business Group on Health.
AccountingToday names Padgett Stratemann one of the Top Firms to Watch in 2014 and the fourth largest CPA firm in the Southwest.
  • GPS isn’t just for navigation anymore. For construction companies, it can be an invaluable tool for monitoring and managing equipment, vehicles and other valuable assets.

    Here are several ways contractors are using these systems today:

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  • Change orders are a fact of life in the construction industry. To help ensure a project’s success, it’s critical that contractors understand the contract’s change-order-approval procedures and follow them to the letter. Read More
  • Public works projects are crucial to the United States economy and to many contractors who are looking for work. But beware: While such projects can bring in much-needed dollars to your construction business’s coffer, they can also bring in some unwelcome requirements. Read More